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150 Beds for 150 Kids without Beds 2021

We are once again in awe of our generous donors and amazing volunteers who turn out in droves to support this annual initiative. Over the course of 5 hours, the lives of 150 local children were impacted in a beautiful way. Many of these children woke up on floors, sofas and chairs Saturday morning, but will go to sleep Saturday night in a brand new bed of their own. Without the support of our donors and volunteers, none of this would happen.

Although we wish this one day initiative would solve this often hidden issue, we realize that’s not the case. Every year after our 150 Beds initiative, we learn of additional needs all throughout the city. So this year, we ordered an additional 50 beds to meet some of these needs through our ongoing Rapid Response efforts. If you’d like to partner with us to deliver and set up a bed for a child in need, sign up for updates on our Volunteer page.

On this week of Thanksgiving, we hope you experience an abundance of gratitude!

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