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COVID-19 Rapid Response

Updated: May 7, 2020

A Word of Thanks From the Midnight Crew

During this odd season of social distancing, opportunities abound for those wanting to make a positive imapct in their community. All of these opportunities begin with an idea. It's been said, "An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupies."

After working all night long in the ICU at MCV Hospital, several exhausted nurses stopped by a local grocery store on their way home. In addition to being worn out emotionally and physically, walking into a store in their scrubs was also a bit of a challenge. After leaving the grocery store, they stopped by a Starbucks drive-thru for a cup of coffee.

As the nurses were sharing about their long night with the employee at the drive up window, that's when the "idea" struck. The Starbucks employee felt compelled to help out in some way. What might it look like to do something for the nurses and other medical staff on the overnight shift? As the employee developed the idea, the thought of providing take home meals emerged.

After a brief conversation with Bridging RVA, a rapid response initiative was launched and the rest is history. Thanks to this employee, our donors and volunteers, a large freezer was stocked with delicious frozen foods. Two days later, everyone on the midnight shift took home frozen meals for themselves and their families.

These men and women were deeply moved by this act of generosity and kindness. Bottom line, it was a simple way to say, "We appreciate and value all your doing to save lives and combat the COVID-19 virus.

Well done, all!

We are all in this together.

We belong to one another.

We are here for each other.

We will get through this together!

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